There are many factors  why choosing DECO is beneficial to your industry: DECO safeguards your best interest by providing solutions that work. The Executive  Staff , with prior management skills in Hospitality , Condominium, Retail, Investigation and  Law enforcement, combine their efforts to supply you with unrivaled professionalism in  the field. DECO is recognized in the High-end Industry as the key driver behind their Security Goals. To this end we have successfully resolved the key Security issues in all properties Managed and Operated by the DECO Team


  • History and longevity in field; exceptional track record
  • Special training for DECO's associates
  • All staff is licensed by the state of the Florida
  • Provision of Security Site Survey
  • Create manuals including Security and Emergency preparedness tailored for the property
  • Daily, weekly and monthly property report on all incidents and security related matters
  • Reviewing reports and updates with the management
  • Trained staff on all in house alarm systems and emergency procedures including Fire Drill Evacuation Training
  • Extensive background review of employees by our Human Resources Department
  • Understanding client's budget
  • Establishing a liaison between Deco and local law enforcement
  • Bilingual Staff